Wednesday 5th August 2016

SIRENA berths at Yelland.

mv SIRENA has berthed at Yelland Jetty at 0730 hrs this morning.

Her Capt reports a 'rough' trip from GLENSANDA with his 3,500 tonne cargo of stone aggregate. His draught was 4.8 metres.

Some difficulty was encountered on swinging the ship with the powerful eddy supplemented with river flow coming through the open jetty, but the vessel was all fast some 45 mins after highwater.

The Master is Lithuanian, and the remaining crew are Ukrainian.

The skipper and crew of the LUNDY PUFFIN (Kevin and Shaun), the stand in pilot boat, did an excellent job in the 2 metre swell sea conditions at 0600 hrs this morning between the Bar and the Fairway buoys. Pilot was R.Hoad and the mooring crew were Thom Flaxman and John Pavitt at Yelland.

The ship will be discharged on Thursday with a likely hood of sailing on Thursday evening or Friday morning's tide.

Arco Dart postponed her arrival until Thursday pm tide , weather permitting.