Monday 6th June 2016

Welsh Piper arrives for the morning tide

WELSH PIPER arrived early this morning and had requested a TDC Pilot to land her 1300 tonnes of cargo dredged from the Culver Bank up channel off the Somerset coast for YELLAND QUAY over the high tide period.

She anchored last night at the Fairway Buoy and was ready forthe pilot at 0530 hrs. Conditions were calm, with a low swell.

Lundy Puffin Kevin and Sean and Clifford skillfully put the large workboat alongside the ship between the Fairway bout and the Bar buoy.

The ship completely cleaned out her cargo via her drag buckets and conveyer, with Notts Contractors carting the sand away using a swing shovel and lorries.

She sailed at 0915 hrs. with 2.4 metres of water under her, having had a quick discharge. She is sailing to LIVERPOOL for a few local cargoes to land, before returning to the Bristol Channel.