friday 13th May 2016

Elke K sailed last Monday, photo.

mv ELKE K sailed last Monday evening with 2860 tonnes of best Ball Clay from Sibelco's quarry at Petersmarland.

She came afloat about an hour before high water, and after quite a lot of trimming by TDC crane her final draught was 4.83 metres ford and 4.80 metres aft. (She was initially over 5.1 m forward draught which was over the maximum for that final tide departure.)

She sailed at 2025 hours (High water was at 2045). The stand by Pilot boat (LUNDY PUFFIN) was busy holding the newbuild Irish Naval ship off the berth, but eventually was able to collect the Pilot R. Hoad off the ship at sea.

The Polish Captain ran a happy ship, and in conversation said that several of his Fillipino crew had been with him for many years.

The ship was due for drydock in a couple of months in Poland, (German owned vessel) and has started to show the need for hull de rusting and repaint, though her on deck condition was excellent.

The ship handled very well indeed in the calm conditions. And in common with most ships is steered with a short 3 inch tiller.

Elke K from the Torridge Bridge by Simon Ellery