Friday 6th May 2016

mv ARCO DART is due on Sunday at EVANS YARD APPLEDORE. mv ELKE K loading at BIDEFORD QUAY. Ship photo.

mv ARCO DART is to return to the estuary on Sunday evenings tide to deliver her cargo of sand to EVANS yard at APPLEDORE. She landed a cargo yesterday for Hanson's Bidna yard. (Hanson's own the Arco Dart.) The Master has requested a TDC Pilot.

Elke  K passing Arco Dart may16NormanHardaker
ELKE K inbound passing Arco Dart at Appledore. Norman Hardaker
ELKE K swinging off Bideford Quay N Hardaker
Elke K by Outfall Bideford Harbour.May16NormH
Elke K off East the Water Bideford.May 16 Norm

mv ELKE K has loaded half her cargo TODAY, and will complete on Monday for sailing at 2015hrs for CASTELLON in SPAIN.