Thursday 5th May 2016

mv ARCO DART arrives at Appledore mv ELKE K arrives at Bideford.

mv ARCO DART had requested a TDC Pilot for her visit to Bidna, Appledore this afternoon. Ex Arco Dart Captain Keith Stevens was the Pilot for her arrival and departure on the same tide, landing her 1300 tonnes of sand dredged from the Bristol Channel.

She is scheduled to return on Sunday afternoon.

mv ELKE K (named after the German shipowner's mother) berthed this evening at 1730 hours after a short voyage in ballast from PLYMOUTH where she had landed a cargo of animal feed from Germany.

Her Polish Master has recently returned from a 3 month leave, and has worked for the company for 20 years.

His other 6 crew members are Russian and Fillipino.

The ship is due to go to drydock within a month says her Master.

The ship handled well, was very manoevrable with her Becker rudder, bow thruster and gearbox controlled propellor. she has an air draught of 21 metres with her aerial down (Bridge clearance max is 24 m), with a draught of 3.6m in ballast. Her loaded draught will be 4.8 metres in salt water with the cargo of 2,860 tonnes of Ball Clay from Sibelco at Petersmarland.

She will sail for CASTELLON in Southern Spain on Monday evenings tide - her last available tide with the predicted draught.

The Pilot boat being out of the water for survey and maintenance was substituted by the Lundy Puffin the shipyard's workboat which is normally used for landing people when newly constructed ships are on trials, and for towing work.

Weather conditions were good, but with a reasonable swell to contend with for boarding.