Town & Parish Elections 7 May 2015

On the 7th May 2015 all 454 Town and Parish Council seats within the Torridge District covering all 62 Town & Parish Councils were up for election.


Election Results for Town & Parish Elections - Issued 11th May 2015

pdf icon Abbotsham - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Alverdiscott - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Alwington - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Appledore [14kb]pdf icon Ashreigney - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Ashwater - UNCONTESTED [11kb]
pdf icon Beaford [15kb]pdf icon Bideford East [14kb]pdf icon Bideford North [15kb]pdf icon Bideford South [14kb]pdf icon Bideford South (Outer) - UNCONTESTED [6kb]pdf icon Black Torrington [17kb]
pdf icon Bradford - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Bradworthy - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Bridgerule -UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Broadwoodwidger - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Buckland Brewer - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Buckland Filleigh - UNCONTESTED [8kb]
pdf icon Clawton - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Clovelly - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Cookbury - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Dolton - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon East Putford -UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Frithelstock - UNCONTESTED [9kb]
pdf icon Great Torrington - UNCONTESTED [12kb]pdf icon Halwill - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Hartland - UNCONTESTED [12kb]pdf icon High Bickington - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Holsworthy Hamelets - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Holsworthy - UNCONTESTED [10kb]
pdf icon Huntshaw - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Landcross - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Langtree [16kb]pdf icon Little Torrington - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Littleham - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Luffincott - UNCONTESTED [8kb]
pdf icon Merton [15kb]pdf icon Milton Damerel - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Monkleigh - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Northam [14kb]pdf icon Northcott - UNCONTESTED [7kb]pdf icon Orchard Hill - UNCONTESTED [7kb]
pdf icon Pancrasweek - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Parkham - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon Peters Marland [15kb]pdf icon Petrockstowe - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Pyworthy [15kb]pdf icon Roborough - UNCONTESTED [9kb]
pdf icon Shebbear [17kb]pdf icon Sheepwash - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon St Giles in the Wood - UNCONTESTED [10kb]pdf icon St Giles on the Heath - UNCONTESTED [9kb]pdf icon Sutcombe - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Tetcott - UNCONTESTED [9kb]
pdf icon Thornbury [15kb]pdf icon Weare Giffard [15kb]pdf icon Welcombe - UNCONTESTED [7kb]pdf icon West Putford - UNCONTESTED [8kb]pdf icon Westward Ho! - UNCONTESTED [7kb]pdf icon Winkleigh - UNCONTESTED [8kb]
pdf icon Woofardisworthy - UNCONTESTED [11kb]pdf icon Yarnscombe - UNCONTESTED [9kb]