Sunday 27th December 2015

mv CELTIC ENDEAVOUR has arrived at YELLAND QUAY to discharge her cargo of stone from GLENSANDA quarry in Scotland.

Her Russian Master reports that after loading he wanted to stay alongside to await the passing of force 9 gales, but the berth was needed for another ship to load, so he went to anchor near Oban.

He had a mixed voyage from there departing on Christmas morning, and having an especially rough passage in the southern Irish Sea later yesterday with the south westerly gales. He revised his ETA at 2100 hrs last night  to this mornings high water due to these bad weather delays.

TDC Pilot Roger Hoad , and Pilot boat Crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman left Bideford soon after 5 this morning and the Pilot was put aboard the ship at about 0640 hrs (High Water Yelland was at 0653 hrs ). The wind had decreased overnight and the sea conditions were moderate. Visibility was moderate in a continuous drizzle. The ship handled well, and has good visibility from the bridge and part covered bridge wings.

The Middle Ridge buoy has been extinguished for some days, and is awaiting repair by Trinity House.

The ship was berthed starboard side to at about 0715 hrs. The crew were very glad to be in after their rough passage and time at sea over the Christmas period, and the Mate had been up all night. Some will make the trip to Barnstaple for shopping, one needing a new European sim card so he may ring his daughter.

Notts contractors manager Kevin was on hand to meet the ship. Discharge will commence on Monday morning by JST mobile crane.

Pike Ward shipping agent Bob Board was en route to visit the ship - one of the last that he will do before his retirement after many years service with the company.

Celtic Endeavour will likely sail on Monday evenings tide and is taking the short passage to Avonmouth, says her Captain.