Wednesday 28th October 2015

Arsnal 1 and Telamon

mv TELAMON sailed at 1750 hrs from Bideford Quay with a maximum draught of 5.2 metres aft. she had loaded 3,065 tonnes of Ball Clay for Castellon in Spain.

Her Captain who was from Poland was looking forward to his 4 months leave after after being aboard for 4 months.

mv Arsnal 1 arrived at Yelland Quay at 1820 hrs with a draught of 5.7 metres with a cargo of 3,000 tonnes of stone from Glensanda, and her Pilot Paul Gyurgyak reported that she handled well but had a strong paddle wheel effect on her fixed pitch propellor.

Pilot boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman had a busy evening with timing of the delivery of Paul G to the Arsnal 1 and the subsequent mooring of the ship and the disebarkation of Pilot Roger Hoad being tight.

Conditions were excellent with light winds and a full moon to aid visibility in the evening darkness.

Crane driver Mike Pryer and the Evans stevedore tractor driver, with Ways Transport  lorry drivers and clay company loaders did well to complete in good time for this evenings sailing. Shipping agents who made all arrangements were Pike Ward. Agent Tom was on duty this evening.

Arsnal 1 will sail on tomorrow evenings tide.