Friday 9th October 2015

mv WELSH PIPER has booked to come into YELLAND QUAY next Thursday am tide to unload her cargo of Bristol Channel dredged sand using her conveyor, and will return to sea on the same tide.

mv WELSH PIPER on a previous visit

Landing Craft SEVERN SINS is due on this afternoons tide and will be here until next Tuesday when she will move up the Bristol Channel to do work in the upper reaches.

Her owners are KML who own several other vessels including two large heavy lift crane barges, and operate from a base at FALMOUTH.

Shipping agents PIKE WARD who are based at Teignmouth in South Devon have advised that a vessel deivering stone to Yelland Quay is due around the 26th October, and also a ship is due for Bideford to load Ball Clay at the same time.