Thursday 24th September 2015

Clay ship for Bideford delayed until late October. Stone ship for Yelland expected.

The expected large clay shipment from Bideford for Castellon in Spain has been delayed until the late October tides say the agents.

Another stone ship for Yelland is expected at the same time.

The Arklow Rock arrival on Monday 14th September evenings tide , with Pilot Paul Gyurgyak being put aboard in rough conditions by John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman on the Pilot boat. All went well reports Paul.

A force seven WSW wind was blowing at the time , and Paul swung the ship to port side to at Yelland Quay to facilitate departure.

The Russian Master was on his first trip, and was especially pleased with the Torridge Team assistance in the prevailing conditions.

The ship was quickly discharged (4,400 tonnes in 10 hours) by JST mobile specialist ship discharging cranes, and Notts contracted lorries to store the ever growing pile of material in their yard.

She sailed on the evening tide on Tuesday evenings tide,  towards Holland, in much quieter conditions.

Paul Gyurgyak's photo of the discharged ship at Yelland Quay
Arklow Rock passing Crow Point after a rough arrival photo Norman Hardaker