Friday 4th September 2015

Ships due. Workboats private vessels.

A stone ship is being sought for the weekend of the 12th loading at GLENSANDA, for YELLAND QUAY.

And a 3,000 tonne load of Ball Clay from PETERSMARLAND for CASTELLON in SPAIN at the end of the month, at BIDEFORD Quay.

Torridge river aerial picsPaulG
Paul Gyurgyaks's photo of Instow at high tide this week.

A workboat, owned by local man Steve Barnes called the AESTUS is at BIDEFORD QUAY, with ex Fleet Tender the ELKSTONE which is destined for TDC Bank End Moorings.

The owners are preparing her for the continuation of their travels round UK and further afield.

The Ocean Blue a privately owned large pleasure vessel, towed in with engine trouble, is due to sail for SHARPNESS early next week where she will be used on the Sharpness to Gloucester ship canal.

Rowing events will be held on Saturday at Bideford with a large entry from the South West expected.

A large tree has been secured and partly cut up at the quay brought down stream with  the recent high tides and rains. Bideford's crane is currently out of action, so a contractor will lift the remainder onto the quay to be cut up and disposed of.