friday 17th July 2015

James Joyce has sailed from Appledore. Welsh Piper delivers her cargo of sand to Yelland. Ship due for Bideford

Countess Anna Aug14 Simon Ellery
mv COUNTESS ANNA taken last year by Simon Ellery.

Le JAMES JOYCE has finally sailed from Appledore Middle Dock and after a short trial of her engines, was accepted by the Irish Navy.

She has now arrived (and sailed again from ) Cork, The republic of Ireland.

TDC Pilot Roger Hoad conned her out of the estuary with yard Captain and Engineer Gerry Waller and Steve Roberts aboard. The full Irish Naval crew were also aboard and took over after the civilian crew were landed at Ilfracombe by the Lundy Puffin, late in the evening. senior shipyard representatives were also aboard for the successful trials. pilot boat crew were john pavitt (Coxswain0 and keith Stevens.

mv WELSH PIPER arrived at first light at the Pilot staion last wednesday, and sailed to her berth at YELLAND QUAY, where NOTTS contractors staff with lorries and new swing shovel ready to cart away the 1300 tonnes of sea dredged sand landed by the ship's draglines and conveyor belt.

just two hours later the ship commenced her ballast loading (seawater) and was piloted to sea by the TDC Pilot R. Hoad. The crew and Pilot wait while the ship discharges, and on this day were john Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. The whole operation commenced at 0430 hours from Bideford Quay, and the Pilot boat returned to its berth at 0945 hrs.

Bideford is expecting a clay ship for the end of this month/early next month and this could well be the COUNTESS ANNA which did a similar run last summer.

The delayed Harbour Committee meeting with some new members,  will now take place on Thursday July 23rd at Riverbank House at 1400 hrs.