Planning Enforcement Complaint Form

In order for us to begin an investigation we need to have precise information about the nature of the Planning breach, where the site is and what harm is being caused.

Why do I need to fill in this form?

In order for us to begin an investigation we need to have precise information about the nature of the Planning breach, where the site is and what harm is being caused. We also need accurate confidential contact details of the complainant so we can keep you informed of our investigation outcome and clarify any relevant details of the investigation with you.

What kind of complaints do the Planning Enforcement team at Torridge investigate?

We investigate all kinds of breaches of Planning Control that cause harm to their surroundings. Breaches of planning conditions, untidy sites and unauthorised building works are common types of cases we deal with.

What kind of complaints are not dealt with by the Planning Enforcement team?

We only deal with issues that are Planning related. We cannot get involved in boundary disputes, parking issues and other civil matters. We also will not pursue investigations into unauthorised development that causes no harm to its surroundings even though it might normally require planning permission.

If I am subject of an Enforcement investigation can I report other similar breaches of Planning in the locality?

Yes, but in order to target our resources effectively, any other cases brought to our attention may not be investigated until the conclusion of the case currently being looked at.

Will my identity as a complainant remain confidential?

Yes, Planning Enforcement files are confidential and officers dealing with the case will not reveal your identity to those carrying out the unauthorised activity. If you still feel uneasy about giving your details please contact your local Councillor to see if they will submit the complaint on your behalf. Please note that the Council does not accept anonymous Planning Enforcement complaints.

What will happen to my complaint once it is received by the Planning Enforcement team?

Your complaint will be acknowledged with 10 working days and you will be informed of who the case officer dealing with the investigation is. If your complaint is not something we can deal with, you will also be informed of this within the 10 working day timeframe.

How can I keep track on progress on my complaint?

We will inform you when we have resolved the complaint or have closed the investigation. During the investigation the best method of receiving an update on progress is to contact the case officer through the contact details provided in your acknowledgement email/letter.

Who should I contact if I am unhappy with the way the investigation is being conducted?

In the first instance contact the case officer. If your concerns are still not being addressed then ask to speak to the Development Manager. Any formal complaints should be addressed in writing to the Development Manager at Riverbank House, Bideford, EX39 2QG or planningsupport@torridge.gov.uk

If you have any queries regarding this form please contact the Enforcement Team on 01237 428700

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    3. Description of Unauthorised Development / Use, etc: (Please give clear and accurate details of complaint)
  2. Details of owner or person responsible for works
  3. Your Details (Complainant)
  4. More Information
    1. What Harm is caused: (Please explain how this affects you
    2. Any Hazards or other useful information: (e.g. Dogs on site)