Hartland - a beautiful and unspoilt peninsula that is a haven of peace and tranquillity

In an area of outstanding natural beauty set against the spectacular Atlantic coastline to the west and the Bristol Channel to the north, the 17,000 acres of the Hartland Peninsula offer a landscape of wonderful contrasts.

As you cross the peninsula, high open moorland and ancient woodland give way to coastal waterfalls tumbling from hanging valleys onto rocky shores. These meandering valleys afford shelter from the prevailing winds to create micro-climates which support an abundance of wild flowers, rare lichens, culm grassland, insects, birds and animals.

The village itself was a royal manor in the time of King Alfred. The Manor of Harton (Hartland) was one of the largest in Devon.

Today the village is still thriving but in a different way. It boasts three churches, three pubs, two schools, two garages, a medical centre, several shops, a vet dentist and many skilled craftspeople.

There are some interesting Victorian terraced houses, a Square with some handsome Georgian properties and a raised pavement along Fore Street which adds to its charm.