Find your planning history

If you want to find out a planning history on a property, please follow the guide below.

How to do a Planning History Search using Public Access

1) Click the link to Public Access.


Public Access



2) You will then need to select 'property search' from the drop down menu which appears under the 'search' tab:


3) Enter as much of the address details in the search boxes as you can and press the 'search' button.


4) You should then be presented with the basic details of the property you've entered the details of, you will need to select the 'property history' tab:


5) Once selected a list of all the applications relating to that property should display, if the property has any. . Please note that where a property is on a housing estate it will usually only locate the general history for the dwelling not the entire estate and its original permission.


6) Click on the blue link, to the planning application you wish to look at, from the list which is displayed. Once selected you will be taken to the screen which relates only to the application you have selected:


7) In order to look at the documents relating to the application you will need to select the 'Documents' tab (see cursor location in screen shot above). Once selected a full list of documents relating to the application should be displayed.


8) Click on the 'View Document' link on the right hand side in order to open the documents. From this you will be able to print any documents with a Torridge logo on them for personal use i.e such as the decision notice. You are not allowed to reproduce documents such as plans and reports produced for the applicants as this is against copyright.

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