Buying or leasing land from us

The Council's Property Team will consider all requests to purchase or lease land from us. We are happy to consider requests for small pieces of land from our citizens, provided the request would not have a negative impact on the environment or the public good. We will also consider requests from the third sector for the transfer of assets to the community

Any request for the purchase or lease of Council land should be directed to the Property and Procurement Team. Please write or email us with details of the piece of land, including a clear OS plan and whether you are interested in purchasing or leasing it from us. Some requests may need to be decided by our members.

  • Community Transfers

    The Local Government White Paper, 'Strong and Prosperous Communities' (2006), sets out a new relationship between Local Government and its communities and the reforms contained in this paper aim to give greater say over local services to the people who rely on and use them and also actively involve communities in service delivery.