January 2012

Harbour news in January 2012

Sunday 5th February 2012 mv ALEXANDER GRIN berths at 1630hrs at Bideford Quay ready to load logs for WISMAR Tide cut by 45cms on 4.5m tide. Draught was 2.7m. Swung easily near to old Bideford bridge- 20 m off quay. Ship has been to Bideford several times but the Russian Master has made his first visit. The ship has been to Bideford twice since last April - both times to load Ball Clay once in June 2011 and once in October 2011. This will be the first time that she has loaded Logs at Bideford. Her last cargo was sawn timber from the Baltic to Ireland. For video shot today please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaxObcpY0js courtesy Mr Thom Flaxman.

Friday 3rd February 2012 mv ALEXANDER GRIN arrived off port this afternoon and will berth on Sunday afternoon tide subject to reducing her draught sufficiently, and the atmospheric pressure decreasing. She will commence loading at 1200hrs on Monday with completion during the course of Tuesday afternoon. She is bound for Wismar in Germany (Baltic) and will load 2300 tonnes of logs. mv ABIS BELFAST is sailing from Barrow in Furness tonight and will enter port at Appledore middle Dock on Monday evenings tide - subject to the tides making prediction. If the atmospheric pressure remains high then she will berth on Tuesday am tide. She is loading steel sections for the Rosyth Aircraft Carrier project and will sail on the following Thursday pm tide. Friday 27th January 2012 mv FLINTERBALTICA sails at 2010hrs 4.0m aft 3.9m ford no trimming necessary, the Master having ordered the transferring of cargo whilst vessel still aground. She came afloat HW -1hour. High pressure did not materialise as forecast, tide cut by approx 20cms., visibility good, with one heavy wintry shower on departing berth. Passage time 3.5 days via Kiel canal to WISMAR. Total cargo was 1961 tonnes. Completed 1700 hrs. JST crane returning to the yard at Ayr pending next job (Possibly the Isle of White). Next log ship due Sunday week mv ALEXANDER GRIN. Thursday 26th Jan 2012 mv FLINTERBALTICA berthed on schedule at 2000hrs. she sailed from Greenore Ireland - very small place says the Captain with no shops! She delivered Animal Feed Pellets. Dutch Captain Phillipino crew. Excellent well run ship with variable pitch propellor, subject to windage due to her deep hold and coaming in ballast. Rough sea at entrance Pilot boarding (just outside Middle Ridge buoy) quite tricky with heavy sea breaking at times. Ship talked in over bar yawing somewhat in the 4m swell. The vessel had anchored at Lundy to await tide time in good shelter. She is due to sail on the PM tide Friday 27th. at 2000hrs Last possible exit tide at planned draught will be Saturday am. To load 1800 + tonnes of Spruce logs for Wismar German Baltic amount will depend on atmospheric pressure tomorrow (ie tide height). Nordic Erika sailing in ballast to Dublin for animal feed being the later ship.

Friday 20th January 2012 HENRY ABRAMS & Co., are negotiating to secure the tug VIGILANT to tow in a 90 metre barge from PORTSMOUTH to collect the bulbous bow section and other bow sections for the AIRCRAFT CARRIER PROJECT at ROSYTH, SCOTLAND. Arriving on Tuesday 6th March next and sailing on the 11th or 12th March. Tug VIGILANT brought a previous barge into the estuary and is a modern vessel capable of taking the ground, unlike many tugs - a useful asset in a tidal estuary.
FLINTER ships Nordic Erika and FlinterBaltica are en route to ROCHEFORTE (vis English Channel) France and GREENORE N.Ireland (Via Pentland Firth) respectively - the first available ship will load logs at Bideford at the end of next week.

Abis Bordeaux
Abis Bordeaux Sep 2011
Tuesday 17th January 2012
  mv Abis Bordeaux (or sisters) ETA 7th Feb for Middle Dock Appledore to collect sections for the two aircraft carrier project at Rosyth.

mv Flinterbirka photo Kieran Hewins
Monday 16th January

Monday 16th January 2012 FLINTERBIRKA sailed at 2030 hrs on Friday last with a draught of 4.2m aft and 4m ford. 2065 tonnes Spruce logs. The Dutch Captain gave a passage time of 3.5 days (via Kiel Canal) . The vessel had no paper charts two electronic systems instead, and state of the art bridge. She had to shift cargo to trim and fill her forepeak tank prior to sailing. The JST crane returned to Ayr overnight. Euroforest are restocking the cattlemarket ready for another ship before the end of the month.

Friday 13th January 2012 CELTIC VENTURE sailed with a draught of 4.5m even keel, after some trimming of cargo at 0710hrs on Thursday 12th Jan pilot P. Gyurgyak High atmospheric pressure had cut the tide by half a metre and a reduction in her cargo had to be made. She is bound for Castellon in Mediterranean Spain 7 or 8 days passage. Whilst in Bideford she underwent fire training and had her oxygen bottles replenished by a local company. she took bunkers via tanker lorry, and loaded 20 tonnes of fresh water for on board use. mv FLINTERBIRKA arrived alongside at 1950hrs on Thursday and proved to be a very manoevrable ship with a very large and deep hold with a low bridge. She has a Dutch Master working 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off, a Russian Chief Engineer and a Fillipino crew commenced loading at 0600hrs this morning and a smaller than usual JST crane loaded her with 2065 tonnes of logs in under twelve hours. She is due to sail this evening on a draught of 4.2metres at 2020 hrs. for WISMAR, Germany.

Celtic Venture
mv CELTIC VENTURE at Bideford Photo (c) Peter Jones
Tuesday 10th January 2012
mv FLINTERBIRKA has been delayed in her port of discharge, DRGHEDA and is now giving an ETA of Thursday pm tide. mv CELTIC VENTURE commenced loading 3 grades this morning of Ball Clay for CASTELLON Spain. This is her first visit to Bideford - she is the maximum air draft for the Torridge Bridge, says relief Pilot Paul Gyurgyak.

Friday 6th January 2012  mv CELTIC VENTURE now due Sunday pm tide to load 3 grades of clay for CASTELLON 2875 tonnes. Also mv FLINTERBIRKA due 11th to load logs for WISMAR. Huge 9 tonne tree lifted out by Harbour staff today.