Friday 17th February 2012

Log ship stemmed for Bideford

Log ship stemmed for Bideford mv FORSETI has been nominated for lifting 2800 tonnes of logs for WISMAR Germany for planned loading on 7th March. Photo; http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/showallphotos.aspx?imo=9041320#top_photo  She will be delivering her previous cargo to Sharpness, at the top of the Severn estuary.

Tug and large barge arrival is planned for March 6th pm tide. The tug will likely be the Sea Foxtrot - which is reported to be a Damen type shoalbuster vessel that is well suited to this estuary, with her modest draught and ability to take the ground and thus able to stay in port whilst the barge is loaded with bow sections for the second aircraft carrier project at Rosyth. After mooring in the gut adjacent to the shipyard, she will proceed into the covered shed drydock on the next tide. After loading she will depart on Sunday 11th March tide for the Newquay Middle Yard berth, or if timings and other factors allow, she will be towed to sea straight from the shed. Two Pilots will be used one on the tug and one on the barge. Tailing tug will be a smaller Williams shipping vessel, and the Lundy Puffin will be standing by.