9th March 2012 2017hrs

Sea Foxtrot and Woolston barge sail, Forseti completes log load

Tug Sea Foxtrot and Woolston barge sailed at 1720hrs for ROSYTH with the bulbous bow and a large bow section for the Prince of WALES air craft carrier project. The operation went smoothly and sea conditions throughout the arrival and departure have been exceptionally good. All parties co operated well including the Will Challenge Multi Cat tug, the Lundy Puffin and the Two Rivers II Pilot vessel as well as the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and associated planners co ordinated by Henry Abrams & Co. Taggart Smith and the Babcock Appledore riding crew under Dave Cox (Pilot Roger Hoad, , pilot boat crew Steven Perham and Thom Flaxman on barge communications and reporting John Pavitt.)

Sea Foxtrot
Thom Flaxman's panorama Sea Foxtrot and all other towing vessels Barge Woolston
Forseti completes log load allowing for the very higSeaFoxtrot2
Richard Patmore's Seafoxtrot tuga nd Woolston tow passing Appledore
h pressure and tidal cut expected with 2307.620 tonnes of logs for Wismar with a final draught of 4.8m aft 4.6m ford. The holds were nearly full with just 40 tonnes of space available after completion. She will sail at 0615 tomorrow. Pilot Paul Gyurgyak Crew Steven Perham and Thom FLAXMAN.

A Clay ship for KUNDA is due in early April.