28th March 2012 Wednesday

Vasiliy Shukshin arrives

Vasiliy Shukshin berthed at Bideford at 2200hrs. She having arrived early from GLASSON DOCK on the last available tide at her draught. She will load on Friday and Monday next but will not have sufficient water to sail until Thursday 5th April evening tide dependant on her draught. She is to load Brick Clay for KUNDA in Estonia probably 2850 tonnes. The high pressure cut the tide tonight by 40 cms and at 3.9metres draught she was at her maximum for entry. Steering was affected in places on the way inwards due to the shallow water, but she was swung without difficulty.

The Master said that in Glasson Dock she was at maximum draught , but had 0.5m clearance. In Russia she regularly has just 20 cms under her keel! The crew are looking forward to a rest in Bideford, whilst continuing their day to day maintenance duties.

The log ship ASTRA, has been delayed and has recently passed through the Kiel Canal. (Search A_s_t_r_a on AIS websites.) She apparently will have an issue at Sharpness due available water.