Friday 30th March 2012

Vasiliy Shukshin loading, Substitute ship for logs, Photo of Abis Belfast

Vasiliy Shukshin has loaded half of her cargo of Brick Clay bound for KUNDA in Estonia. She was moved to the South End of the quay in readiness for a second ship the KOMARNO 88.5 metres LOA which will sail from KINSALE on Tuesday next to arrive at Bideford for Thursday loading of Logs for WISMAR. The original ship stemmed for Bideford (The ASTRA) has suffered delays and was neaped unable to access Sharpness to discharge her cargo until the tides have risen during next week, so making her late arriving at Bideford.

Michael the TDC crane driver has successfully dredged the berth levelling the sand in readiness for the two ships.

The Abis Belfast arrived at Rosyth safely having sailed north about the UK ( 11 miles longer than if she went south about but with less shipping traffic to contend with.)

Abis Belfast PJ
Abis Belfast passes Appledore Photo (c) Peter Jenkins.