Thursday 5th April 2012

Two ships sailed tonight from Bideford. Logs and Clay.

Sailed mv Kormano Draught 4.55m with approx 2400 tonnes logs in hold for Wismar (Pilot Paul Gyurgyak) and mv Vasiliy Shukshin 4.70 max with 2950 tonnes Brick Clay (Pilot Roger Hoad), John Pav and Viv Llewellyn Pilot boat crew. Tide cut by 20cms. Though pressure normal (but East winds 16 knots). Both ships owned by North West Shipping of Russia. Both ships sailed at 1751 High Water. Logs to Wismar and Clay to Kunda, Estonia. Kormano pilot
Pilot Roger Hoad prior to boarding ship. (c) Thom Flaxman
  Euroforest did Stevedoring using JST mobile specialist crane services, who loaded the vessel in record time. 10.5 hours approx. Pike Ward were the agents.