Saturday 5th May 0755

Baltiyskiy-202 sails - Cassiopeia in roads - Vasiliy Shukshin now sailing today.

BALTIYSKIY-202 sailed from Bideford quay at 0520hrs with a draught of 4.5m aft 4.2m ford with 2476 tonnes of roundwood logs for Wismar, Germany. She has a passage time of 5 days via the SKAGEN.

mv CASSIOPEIA arrived at Bideford Roads last evening from NEW ROSS, Ireland and will berth today at 1730 hrs at Bideford.

mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN will now sail at 1745 hrs from Bideford. A tide earlier than planned due to improved river conditions, and draught expectations. The harbour crane will trim her this afternoon.

ThomFlaxman's Photo of Baltiyskiy-202 departing Bideford Quay 0520 today (c)
ThomFlaxman's Photo of Baltiyski-202 just before Pilot RogerHoad disembarks.(c)