Saturday 5th May 2012 2000hrs

Vasiliy Shukshin sails - Cassiopeia arrives - Oldenburg due

Cassiopeia arrived alongside at 1730hrs with a Ukrainian crew including a young cadet ready to load Ball Clay on Tuesday 8th May and also Wednesday 9th May 2012. Manoevrable ship with a very light ballast draught. Flap rudder and with bow thruster. She is due to sail on the very last of the available Spring tides for her draught.

Vasiliy Shukshin sailed at 1750hrs with a draught of 4.86 aft and 4.75 ford and sailed on the tide before she had expected because of the rain water easing off in the river - density measured on sailing as 1.021 giving her an extra 10cms less draught than if pure fresh water as has been the case during the river spate. She is bound for Lovisa Finland.

mv Oldenburg is due after positioning from Ilfracombe at 0700hrs on Tuesday.

 A busy time for Bideford shipping!