Tuesday 8th May 2012

Cassiopeia sailing pm Wednesday-ltree trunks removed from river-art camera project continues

mv CASSIOPEIA has loaded half her cargo of two different grades of Ball Clay and will load to a planned draught of 4.5m. max. She will load her remaining cargo Wednesday and Michael the TDC crane driver will trim the ship to the Chief Mates instructions as soon as she floats on the evening tide.

She will close her hatches - which takes 30 minutes and sail to sea. CassiopeiaAppledore
John Eccles Photography image (c) Cassiopeia nearing Appledore
Cassiopeia swinging off Bideford Quay 'thrust to starboard Capt.' Norman Hardaker (C)

The TDC crane removed two large trunks of trees that have been washed downriver by the excessive rain.

The ART project has nearly completed with a camera equipped raft accompanied by canoes floating upstream yesterday, and downstream today. This evening the team are filming time lapse movie clips of the tide rising on Bidefords tide board.

The completed work will be shown at the Appledore Arts festival in a few weeks.