Friday 1st June 2012

Log ship delayed - Kathleen and May in London - Fast sailing cat capsizes in Estuary - Two Clay ships ordered

The planned log ship load for early June has been postponed because of a lack of vessel availability in the right position at the right time.

The log cargo will likely be sent during June, or more likely in early July, when at least one other shipment will be sent also.

Two clay cargoes have been planned for early July - one to Kunda in Estonia and one to Spain. Bideford will then have 3 ships on the tide as happened in May.

The Kathleen and May has arrived in London for the Jubilee Celebrations stopping at Penzance and Poole and her voyage from Liverpool.

A fast sailing yacht capsized off Appledore during strong winds last week, with the crew being rescued by passing boats, and the RNLI towing the yacht to safety. She was subsequently uprighted and returned to her mooring. See: