Friday 8th June 2012

Log business continues apace - new temporary log store adjacent to river- Shipping photographer

JhonnyWilliams unloads first cargo on Brunswick Wharf for 50 years !
Log business continues apace - new temporary log store adjacent to river- Shipping photographer

The first lorry arrives on Brunswick Wharf Thursday June 7th 1830hrs JhonnyWilliamsPic(c)RHoad
 Torridge District Council (Properties) have given Euroforest, arranged through Bideford Harbour, temporary permission to store a shipload (approx 2300 tonnes) of logs on Brunswick Wharf at East the Water - the first port cargo stored on Brunswick for 50 years (approx) since the Private operator ceased handling cargoes.

Euroforest who also store logs at Bideford Cattle Market have an additional cargo to handle for export to Germany, as well as the normal monthly loads, and need extra storage space. Planned shipments mean 4 ship visits over 8 weeks from early July onwards.

The position of Brunswick wharf is good - being adjacent to the port, with a secure compound and with direct access from the Atlantic Highway via the new and safer (especially for lorries) traffic lights at Torridge bridge.

On loading days 5 lorries will maintain a shuttle to Bideford Quay where ships berth (Brunswick Wharf is not dredged).

Harbour Commitee Member and shipping enthusiast Norman Hardaker on one of his regular visits to the quay and Harbour Office.
 Mr Norman Hardaker who gives talks to schools and associations with a special commitment to safety of shipping operations.

Enquiries have recently been made, and quotations produced by the Harbour Manager for the importation of packaged timber and Fertiliser. Mr John Evans the founder of Evans Transport has worked with the port to offer an attractive package of stevedoring local transport and storage, and onward transportation.

Severe winds have caused a small number of vessels to drag their moorings and get damaged at Instow during last night.