Thursday 21st June 2012

mv ASTRA is substituted by mv FORSETI - Clay ships due - Brunswick last ship

The mv ASTRA has been substituted by her sister mv FORSETI which has previously berthed at BIDEFORD to load logs. She is due out of Sharpness on Thursday 28th June and could berth on Friday 29th or Saturday 30th depending on her light draught. She will load her cargo of 2300 approx tonnes of Spruce logs on Monday 2nd July.

Bideford's berths have been cleared of silt in readiness of the ship's arrival, as have the Gig steps and fishing boat berths, with Bideford Harbour's Fuchs re handler crane driven by Michael Pryer. Both berths have equal depth in readiness for the three ship arrivals (2 clay ships and 1 log ship.)

Mr Michael Eastman has studied Bideford Harbours old log books and discovered that the last ship to use Brunswick wharf was the mv DESPATCH owned and skippered by Capt PETER HERBERT now deceased. She brout 215 tons of Phurnicite from BARRY on the 25th June 1971.