Monday 2nd July 2012

Vasiliy Shukshin sails - Forseti loading delayed - Celtic Mariner arrives in Bideford Roads.

Sailed Vasiliy Shukshin at 1725 after some trimming (TDC crane Mike Pryer) to correct port list, and moving some cargo forward, and coming afloat at 1705 approx. Berth 0.6 above datum. Final draught 4.55 ford and 4.65 aft. Pilot Rog Hoad Crew Steven Perham and Thom. Flaxman Captain and crew being relived at Kunda, after serving over 4 months on board – Chief officer 6 months. They will have 4 months holiday. Tide cut 10cms. Cargo 2950 tonnes of best North Devon Ball Clay.

mv CELTIC Mariner from Belfast arrives off port with berthing at 0600 hrs tomorrow. She will load Ball Clay for Castellon in Spain.

mv FORSETI awaits loading starting at 0600 hrs tomorrow, after JST mobile crane issue today, with a view to be sailing on tomorrow evenings tide. She will load 2500 tonnes of logs with a draught of approx 5 metres.

Norman Hardaker's artistic view of the river & Vasiliy Shukshin