Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Celtic Mariner berths - Log loading commences -

mv CELTIC MARINER arrives alongside at Bideford at 0600 hrs. The ship was met at sea near the Bar Buoy early this morning with the Pilot boarding the ship in good conditions before proceeding inwards swinging off the berth, and laying astern of the mv FORSETI. The ship is of a class that are very manoevrable with a Becker (flap) rudder and an effective bow thruster. The owners - Charles M. Willey of Cardiff employPolish Crew on this ship, who speak excellent English. The crew have been working for over 4 months and are due to be relieved for 2.5 months leave at the next port which is Castellon in Spain. She is now loading 3 grades of Ball Clay totalling 2900 tonnes. Her last cargo was bulk cement from North Africa (Arzew in Algeria) to Belfast, so the crew have worked particularly hard cleaning and preparing the hold for Ball Clay.

The JST mobile crane arrived during last night and is proceeding to load the ship mv Forseti, with logs, with lorries transiting the Longbridge (from Brunswick Wharf) with special permission of Devon Bridges Section under strict conditions and also coming from the Cattle Market and a few direct from the forest. It is unlikely that the ship will complete for this evenings tide, but still possible, since the crane is not the largest that JST have, and the tide is early. (Sailing would be at 1800hrs.)

Norman Hardaker's image of Celltic Mariner approching her berth