Tuesday 3rd July 2012 pm

Log loading completed - after 14.5 hrs. Forseti ready to sail. Ball clay ship part loaded.

mv FORSETI will sail at 0630hrs tomorrow with approx 2500 tonnes of logs on board. Her noisy harbour generator has been a problem and steps will be taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem that has affected local residents, especially downwind of the ship, should she visit again. Her Russian Captain is very apologetic in this matter, and understanding since the crew also suffer the noise.

The load took longer than usual due to a smaller than normal crane being used with out a relief driver. The Scottish driver made stiling efforts to successfully load the ship - which additionally had varying sized logs to load, and a deep hold.

TDC's Mike Pryer continued loading ball clay into the hold of CELTIC MARINER all day and will complete in good time to sail on tomorrow evenings tide.

All Euroforest personnel have worked an exceptionally long day also, and their drivers. No comments were received ref the Longbridge useage, and no incidents were reported.

All in all a successful if long day.