Wednesday 4th July 2012

FORSETI Sails - Celtic Mariner continues loading.

Pilot's eye view of leaving quay Forseti July 4th 2012

mv FORSETI sailed at 0630 hrs loaded with 2,4005 tonnes of mainly Spruce logs of varying lengths, with some King Pine also. Her draught was 4.8m aft and 4.1m ford. Her passage time to Wismar North Germany will be just over 4 days via the KIEL canal.

Her Russian crew some of whom speak excellent English sailed into thick rain mist off the port - the Master saying that they have had fog at several of their previous ports and coastal passages in recent weeks.

Norman Hardaker's image of FORSETI leaving quay at 0630hrs

mv CELTIC MARINER will sail on this evenings tide at 1840hrs if she ready herself for sea after trimming in time. She is expected to be 5 m draught with 2900 tonnes of Ball Clay on board for CASTELLON, SPAIN. Her Polish crew will be relieved in Castellon.

The Pilot is safely collected by Steven Perham and Thom Flaxman from the FORSETI as she proceeds to sea off Bideford Bar.