Thursday 5th July 2012

Celtic Mariner sails - 8,000 +tonnes cargo - Logs & Clay

CaptRyszard Badeja
Captain Ryszard Badeja Polish Capt of Welsh ship Celtic Mariner July 12 Bideford

mv CELTIC MARINER sailed last evening at 1915 hrs with 2901 tonnes in three grades of local Ball Clay bound for Castellon in Mediterranean Spain, passage time 7 days. Some trimming of the cargo was necessary after she floated - hence the High Water departure time.

Captain Badeja commented that he very much liked Bideford, but did not have enough time due to working and repairs and paperwork on board ship to see as much as he wished. He and the rest of the crew are due to be relieved on arrival at Castellon for 2.5 months leave, after at least 4 months working on board.

Celtic Mariner's High quality valuable Ball clay cargo July 12

The river to sea transit was without incident on a falling tide in good conditions.

View looking back at Torridge Bridge from Celtic Mariner Max air draft is 24m

The large Spring tide of 6.3m gave 5.7 m at High Water on the berth enabling the TDC crane to trim the ship prior to sailing and for her to close her hatches (a lengthy process on this class of ship).

Pilot Roger Hoad and Thom Flaxman await the trimming of the vessel Photo Norman Hardaker.

Total cargo in a week of ship visits is 8257 tonnes - saving at least 330 long distance lorry journeys, and earning good revenue for the Harbour (Torridge District Council), and local large and small companies.

Cleaning of the Log Bark was ably undertaken by TDC sweeper lorry, and by hand by Council employees. Cleaning of the clay - which had been wetted and then dried by rain and therefore difficult to remove from the quayside was by Harbour employee Mr Mike Pryer using a river water powered hose, and the TDC crane. All was completed by 2130hrs. and the quay re opened to the public.

Pike Ward were the agents for all ships, and Evans Transport were the clay Stevedores, with the Log load organisation by Euroforest. Several small and large local lorry companies (Ways Transport, Evans Transport and log lorries by owner drivers as well as at least one Midland log lorry were used. Crane for log loading was supplied by JST of Ayr, Scotland. They loaded 2500 tonnes TDC crane loaded 5,851 tonnes.

A tug called the GOLIATH will arrive at Appledore Pool on Friday ready to tow the SOUTHERN BEAVER one of the old vessels on the beach at INSTOW  to Portsmouth subject to an approval inspection by the MCA.