Tuesday 17th July 2012

Raba berths - Abis Bordeaux joins Baltic Sailor in roads - Last Ship to Brunswick Wharf

mv RABA with a Polish Captain, crew and Polish owned and registered ship berths at 1750 hrs.

Excellent handling ship with right handed propellor, gearbox engine control, efficient bow thruster and good crew. The ship was in excellent order and clean.

Her last cargo was a 40 tonne transformer from the continent to Ellesmere Port that was left behind by a previous ship. So a quick discharge was had before she set sail for Bideford. She willl sail at 1800 hrs with approx 1700 tonnes of Ball Clay cargo for BENDORF / ROTTERDAM region.

The Baltic Sailor will stand in the river at Bideford while the Raba sails and berth on her departure.

Abis Bordeaux will berth at Appledore on the same High Water.