Thursday 19th July 2012

Baltic Sailor - Raba sailed

mv BALTIC SAILOR berths at Bideford 4.2m draught (to allow for passing under the Torridge Bridge due to her high mast.) Excellent ship with a Polish Captain and mostly Ukrainaian crew. (One other Pole). She is  a smart ship with variable pitch propellor and flap rudder and bow thruster. She berthed at 1815 hrs approx. ready to load logs at 1300hrs today and will finish and sail during the course of Friday. with the Pilot Roger Hoad moving to the next ship;

 mv RABA sails for ROTTERDAM with 1700 tonnes Ball Clay. 3.95m d aft. at 1830 hrs Meanwhile mv ABIS BORDEAUX berths at MIDDLE YARD APPLEDORE starboard side to, Pilot Paul Gyurgyak.

Photo shows Captain on the Bridge with his luxurious leather Pilot seats - from a KIA car!

Capt. Marion Jaworski mv RABA
Raba leaves berth at High Water July 12