Friday 20th July 2012

Baltic Sailor sails - tide cuts due high pressure - Abis Bordeaux finishes tomorrow.

mv BALTIC SAILOR loads 2381 tonnes logs for WISMAR German Baltic port.

Her draught was 4.8m and she floated off the berth close to high water due to the rising pressure which caused the tide to cut by nearly 40 cms.

She cleared to sea at 2025 hrs leaving the berth at 1930 hrs.

Her crew were excellent and the ship in good condition and manoevreable. Her deck cargo  made her quite tender, but safe.

The Polish master says that he thought Bideford was beautiful, but the loading was demanding.

The vessel was at the limit for sailing because of the increasing atmospheric pressure and subsequent tide height cut.

Photos to follow next week!

All logs from Brunswick Wharf are now gone, and the Harbour is grateful to TDC properties for the timely use of this secure wharf at this busy time.

Also thanks to Devon County Council for the controlled use of the Long Bridge for the transportation of logs across the river. Euroforest reported that just three lorries were used to transport the logs on a rota since it was a short run to the quay with no traffic lights or congestion. A replacement storage site is being sought by the company.

Next log vessel will be in two weeks time. The buyer from Germany has stayed in a local hotel again together with the managing director and manager and a staff member of Euroforest.

The logging gang who work in the forests have also visited the quay to see the operation here. It has been repeated that the South West has not reached its logging threshold ie the trees are growing faster than are cut making the operation sustainable for the future.

Euroforest also load a regular weekly train from Newton Abbot with 900 tonnes of logs bound for Scotland and North Wales - therby securing their green credentials in reducing long distance lorry transportation by the use of ships and trains.