Saturday 21st July 2200 hrs

Kathleen and May arrives - ABIS BORDEAUX sails - Oldenburg returns from Lundy

Specialist cargo ship mv ABIS BORDEAUX sailed from Appledore Middle dock with ship sections on board for the new aircraft carrier project at ROSYTH. Her Dutch Captain and Mate are part of a small crew with Phillipino ratings. Her Master and Mate work a demanding 6 hours on and 6 hours off - with of course the Master being also on call in his off watch time and with both on duty for docking.

The ship is of very modern design with bridge forward and completly clear deck with flush hatch coamings, except for a single funnel off to one side. She swung off Appledore covered shipyard without problems under TDC Pilot guidance and was a handy ship in the calm conditions at the time , but is subject to high windage.

Her bridge is unusually at the forward end with a completely enclosed fordeck. Usefully and unusually she has outside access in front of the bridge which gives an additional area to con the ship etc. 

This morning the sv KATHLEEN and MAY moored on the buoy in APPLEDORE POOL after returning from a very successful and lucrative visit to BREST where a hundred sailing vessels were present. Her Captain for the voyage was John Pavitt. Owner Steve Clarke was impressed with the organisation at the Festival.

She will sail on the Sunday tide for LIVERPOOL, arriving on the Tuesday - approx 40 hour passage. Geoff Grise and Cindy have been onboard for 15 months running operations. Maralin Clarke was landed at APPLEDORE after the voyage from BREST.

mv Oldenburg returned on this evenings tide after another successful day on LUNDY>