Thursday 26th July 2012

Photos of recent ships - New log ship fixed - Local Bideford Cat reaches Spain

Kathleen & May in Appledore Pool July 12
  Kathleen and May had a successful trip to Liverpool with a large and uncomfortable swell left over from recent winds arriving on Tuesday this week. John Pavitt and crew have now returned to Bideford, excluding Geoff and Cindy Grise who remain onboard. The owner Mr Steve Clarke is delighted with her voyages so far this summer.

mv Nordic Erika from Belfast is due at Bideford to arrive to load logs next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sailing on Friday pm tide. She has a large box hold and with the large Spring tides she should load a record log cargo from Bideford.

Bideford based Wharram Narai catamaran Starfish has reached Spain recently. Her owner/ builder  Mr Geoff Young of Bickington has tried for many years to recreate a voyage that  he undertook in the early nineties with the same skipper. She is to be left at Vilagarcia and her owner will be returning overland for a while.

Abis Bordeaux passes K & M in the Pool Appledore and sails into the sunset.