Tuesday 31st July 2012

NORDIC ERIKA Log Ship due today - Berth prepared by Bideford Harbour's crane - Appledore/Instow regatta most successful yet. Arco Dart due.

mv NORDIC ERIKA arrived at Bideford quay at 1720 hrs this evening. She has sailed from Drogheda and Belfast and has a Dutch Master, a Russian Engineer and Indonesian crew members. She has a large box hold, and could load as much as 2700 tonnes of logs.

She carried sawn timber and steel coils to N. Ireland before coming to Bideford.

Loading will commence at 1300hrs on Wednesday and complete for the afternoon on Thursday, hopefully sailing at 1830 hrs on Thursday evenings tide. her Dutch Master has been called out of retirement to captain the 2008 ship for a few weeks. He has had an unusual and varied career as an electrician, a Dutch barge owner, an accountant and finally qualifying as a ships Master in the 1990 s. 

He owns and stays on a narrow boat on the English canals now in his retirement when not working.

Arco Dart July12
Arco Dart steaming in towards Evans Yard at Appledore

mv ARCO DART will arrive at 1600 hrs today to berth at Evan's Yard next to the Middle Yard at Babcocks Appledore ShipyardNordicErikaThruWindowJly12
Nordic Erika safely alongside at Bideford July 12 (c) R Hoad

Thom Flaxman expertly moors up Nordic Erika July 12