Thursday 2nd August 2012

Norman Hardaker's image of Nordic Erika leaving Bideford Quay tonight.

Nordic Erika sailed from Bideford Quay with a draught of 4.8m aft 4.7m ford with a record load of logs of 2718 tonnes (subject to draught survey confirmation.) from Bideford.

Her stability was excellent with about 2- 300 t of ballast. All logs were accomodated in her deep and long hold.

She will arrive AGW at Wismar on Monday next via the Kiel canal before loading wheat from Germany for Belfast (3,000 tonnes).

Cat Jan Otte and Chief Engineer Ilgar Lalaev on the bridge, (c)RHoad

She has proved to be a good ship for Bideford, with a good carrying capacity on a reasonable draught with good stability.

The JST mobile crane is returning to Scotland after her single crane driver did an excellent job. He will be driven by a dedicated lorry driver. The brand new tractor unit and older crane (a smaller version of the normal ones) will then go to the truckfest for exhibition.

Euroforest have supplied the larger than normal load swiftly with the mostly local owner drivers doing a very good job as normal. The Cattle Market will be restocked ready for the next log shipment which will be in two weeks this time using a Russian Baltiyskiy type ship.

Two Rivers two was skippered by Thom Flaxman and crewed by Paul Gyurgyak who had done a 'pierhead jump' from ms Oldenburg that arrived this evening from Ilfracombe and Lundy.