20th August 2012

Arco Dart Berths at Yelland Quay - Log Ship delayed -

ArcoDartat YellandAug12
Paul Gyurgyak's image of Arco Dart building Pyramids whilst unloading at Yelland Quay

Norman Hardaker's historic image of Arco Dart passing Crow bound for Yelland Quay 1st ship since 1988

mv ARCO DART has made history as the first ship to berth to unload or load a cargo since 1988. She discharged over 1200 tons of Ocean Fine sand in 2 hours - a likely record cargo speed for the quay.

Conditions were excellent with light winds and a 6 metre tide giving ample time for her to work her cargo. The width of the jetty meant that she had to move to make 7 piles of sand. A new Captain (John Quayle) was in charge with local Pilot Roger Hoad on board. The newly retired local Master Keith Stevens was also aboard to advise on ship specific operations. he has been employed by Hansons for 23 years. Pilot Boat operations were conducted by paul Gyurgyak. The Arco Dart is now sailing to Bridgwater for her nextr cargo discharge after loading in the Bristol Channel Culver Sands.

mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN had an over ambitious schedule to reach Bideford for the Spring tides this week and also a days delay due to bad weather, so has been put back for a next Tuesday approx arrival to load logs.

She has been discharging in two ports in Ireland - Cork and Dundalk and will be clear by the end of the week.