Thursday 23rd August 2012

Bideford Quay - Yelland Quay - Lundy

They never had plotters in 1988 ! First ship to Yelland 2012.
mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN will berth at 1100 hrs tomorrow Friday at BIDEFORD ready to load logs.

Once again she has arrived early on the falling tides and will await the next set of Spring Tides and sail next Thursday 30th August and load the day previous with up to 2500 tonnes of prime Spruce logs for WISMAR, GERMANY.

She has an all Russian crew mostly male with a female cook. Bideford Harbour's Mike Pryer has prepared the two berths which have suffered with all the silt coming downstream with the excessive rainfall of late.

We have just heard that a clay ship is due to arrive next Saturday week late on the tides to load ball clay for the Baltic Sea (KUNDA). She is called the LEONID LEONOV and has visited BIDEFORD several times in the past.

'Nowhere Island ' - an art exhibit transiting the coastline of the UK is to anchor off LUNDY on Friday sheltering from the weather and under tow from a Tug skippered by a Norwegian. She is bound for ILFRACOMBE.

mv Arco Dart's new Captain John Quayle thrown in at the deep end with a visit to YELLAND QUAY as well as the normal cargoes to Appledore over last weekend. Newly retired Captain Keith Stevens was the official Pilot for the Appledore visit's Roger Hoad for the YELLAND visit with Keith onboard to assist the Captain with discharge etc.

John has sailed on the larger Hanson owned dredgers - his last ship was laid up recently. John adapted brilliantly to his new ship with all her complex gear and azimuthing propellers. ArcoDartCaptJohn
Capt John Quayle Arco Dart new Master after delivering his cargo to Yelland
 Joint Jetty owner Paul Jury was pleased with the delivery and had the jetty clear of sand within 5 hours using just two lorries and swing shovel (over 1000 tonnes.) He expects 3 to 4 deliveries a year. Using a ship to deiver to his concrete plant saves local lorry journeys to Appledore. He is investigating other cargoes to the quay.