late pm 24th August 2012 Friday

Nowhere Island berths at BIDEFORD Quay

Tug STOREBROR with its Norwegian owner and skipper was Piloted by TDC Pilot in this evening to Bideford Quay. The tug was towing the art project exhibition 'NOWHERE ISLAND'.

They had sought shelter off Lundy, but the south easterly wind was stronger and more persistant than originally forecast and also the westerly winds of strong force were subsequently forecast as North westerly so shelter was not so good in the area except for the Taw and Torridge Estuary and Bideford's completely sheltered harbour.

The Captain and crew were very pleased to be out of the weather and safely alongside the quay. after the harsh conditions with their tow today. They are due in Ilfracombe for the 1st September.

Late night quay strollers showed great interest in the barge and the tug. The tug hull was built in 1946 as one of a series of 'Slipper' class tugs says the skipper Jan. She was refitted in the 80's and has a single variable pitch propellor in a nozzle, She is unusual in that she is of welded construction as opposed to Riveted.

Crew tonight and this morning were Paul Gyurgyak and Harry Gyurgyak on the Pilot boat and Roger Hoad Pilot. It was a satisfying job since the crew were so glad to be alongside and out of the brisk South East wind and harsh conditions all around Lundy. The berth was prepared by Mike Pryer TDC crane driver.