Wednesday 29th August 2012

JST crane arrives from London vicinity at 0300 hrs - Vasiliy Shukshin starts loading logs - Euroforest Sustainable emphasis

Vasiliy Shukshin has started to load logs at 0620 this morning. The JST crane with two drivers arrived in the early hours from London direction.

Euroforest have changed their logo with an emphasis on their sustainability credentials and will be exhibiting at the APF Forestry show soon.

Their customer in Germany is taking 650 tonnes of Grand Fir on this shipment - a heavy fast growing tree that is suitable for non constructional applications such as pallets. Some of this timber will be sold on from Germany. The remainder of the 2500 tonne load will be constructional Spruce.

Norman Hardaker's photo of Storbror & Nowwhere Island & Vasiliy Shukshin

Tug Storebror and Nowhere Island remain alongside at Bideford and undertook minor repairs over Saturday and Sunday last to the Island structure with local company John Pavitt engineering (Jeff Pavitt in charge). Nowhere Island's publicity caravan (the 'embassy') Spent Sunday and Monday on the quay and reportedly signed up 300 people to become 'citizens' of the Island !

She is due in Ilfracombe on September 1st for three days.