Thursday 30th August 2012

Vasiliy Shukshin sails with 2507 tonnes of logs - Nowhere Island - Clay ship due Saturday

Thom Flaxman's exceelent photo of the log ship departing the quay this evening

mv VASILIY SHUKSHIN sailed this evening at 1730hrs bound for WISMAR a five day voyage via the SKAGEN her Master says that she had loaded 2507 tonnes of logs, with 200 tonnes of double bottom ballast. Her stability was excellent on a draught of 4.5metres aft 4.3m for'd. with a 400 tonne approx deck cargo.

Wind was fresh NNW on departure with a wet disembarkation for Pilot Roger Hoad. Crew were Stephen Perham, Paul Gyurgyak and new member Richard Fay.

Nowhere Island was due to sail at 0530hrs tomorrow under tow of tug STOREBROR but the skipper Jan has cancelled the Pilot due to 2.7m seas off the port. She is likely to sail on Saturday now at 0600 hrs.

mv Leonid Leonov is due for Saturday morning tide from NEW HOLLAND in the HUMBER river ready to load clay on Monday morning to sail on Tuesday pm tide.

Thom Flaxman's photo of TDC Pilot Roger Hoad as Vasiliy Shukshin sails.