Saturday 1st September 2012

Storebror sails with Nowhere Island - Leonid Leonov arrives


mv LEONID LEONOV berthed early this morning (0705 hrs). her Russian crew and Master (who had last visited Bideford 2 years ago) had sailed in ballast from New Holland in the river Humber, where she had discharged some 3,700 cu metres of packaged timber from Riga.

She will load Ball clay for Kunda and is likely to sail on Monday pm tide or Tuesday pm tide depending on loading speed on Monday.

The tug STOREBROR towing its 'island' sailed from Bideford quay at 0500 hrs with TDC relief Pilot Paul Gyurgyak on board. Pilot Roger Hoad was skillfully put on board the Leonid Leonov by Thom Flaxman pilot boat cox who then took Paul off the tug.

Conditions were calm with just a slight movement between Pilot boat and ship/tug. The tug sailed in the dark, and the ship came in at first light.

Thom Flaxman's photo of Storebror & Nowhere island at dawn bound for Ilfracombe