Tuesday 4th September 2012

LEONID LEONOV sailed last evening at 2000hrs for Kunda in the Baltic. She had 2422 tonnes of Ball Clay on board with a passage time of 7 days via the SKAGEN.

The young Russian crew were looking forward to a break after some 4 months continuous work on board, and hoped to be relieved in Kunda. The ship was well run and in good order. The tide did not make prediction due to rising pressure.

The ship was loaded in a day by TDC crane driver Michael Pryer with Stevedores J Evans (MD John Evans driving loader) and local lorry companies carrying the clay direct from the quarry at Petersmarland and Meeth. Loading at the quarry started at 0530 with the first lorry on the quay at 0615 hrs. Loading was complete at 1830 hrs with the ship trimmed on floating at 1930 hrs with a draught of 4.3m aft 4.15m ford. almost exactly as the Chief Officer had predicted.

Thom Flaxman's timely image of Leonid Leonov's departure Sep 4th 2012

ms OLDENBURG has been running from Bideford after having returned from Ilfracombe last Saturday. Arco Dart has made calls at Appledore her present Master thinks that Yelland calls will not be repeated. Another sand company is looking to get involved at the Yelland wharf. (Welsh Piper.)