Tuesday 16th October 2012

Silver Harvester ex fishing vessel successfully towed into Richmond drydock. mv RIG due am tide.

FTA marine Gareth Evans hired workboat tug from Ireland has successfully towed the Silver Harvester into Richmond Drydock.

An aborted attempt was made the previous evening and this morning, but success was achieved tonight (photo tomorrow) clearly the wreck from the Torridge Estuary.

It is planned to tow in the Bryher tomorrow evening, thus giving an almost clear outlook for the river for some years.

An Old barge called the Southern Beaver is due to be towed to Southampton using the tug Aicirtron from London which is alongside Bideford quay at present undergoing repairs. Appledore lifeboat escorted her to Lundy from Hartland Point last Thursday as she had dirty fuel problems and had lost all power. She managed to restore power and she and the lifeboat spent an uncomfortable night anchored off Lundy before being escorted back to Bideford.

ms OLDENBURG returned from Ilfracombe on tonights tide and her Mate reported large swells at sea.

mv RIG is due to sail from Avonmouth this evening to arrive at Bideford for the morning tide. Pilot will board her early tomorrow morning.