Thursday 18th October 2012

Rig loaded and sailed - debris in river- drifting boats - Two large Wrecks near to shipyard drydocked -


mv RIG sailed from Bideford at 2005hrs with a draught of 4.95m aft 4.75m ford. with an estimated 2676 tonnes of Spruce logs aboard. Her stability was excellent and she came afloat about 40 mins before high water in perfect trim despite the Captain's worries since it is difficult to load when a ship is aground on the berth.

Crew were Latvian with two Russians (one the Captain), all speaking Russian.

The deck cargo was lashed in a different manner as to previous cargoes with strapped 'bundles' of logs placed either side of the hatch coaming and connected port and starboard, with centre logs being loose loaded in between, before being lashed as an entirety.

Sailings at this time of the year are nearly always in the dark, so extra vigilance is needed by the Pilot, with the Pilot boat lighting useful marks to aid the Pilot on board ship. Sea conditions were calm, after a large 4m + swell had died down from last night.

Pilot boat crew were Thom and Richard, Pilot Roger Hoad.

The high tides and rainfall have sent large quantities of timber floating from up river, causing at least two vessels to break loose from their moorings from the upper Torridge.

Yachts are being lifted out of the river at Instow and slowly filling up the Yacht Club. Boats cannot be stored in the car park at Instow any longer, so storage space is at a premium, with owners seeking space at Bideford East the Water.

Tha Harbour Master attended the South West Ports meeting at Seaton last week, making useful contacts and hearing and contributing to the Environment Agency's presentation on the Severn Sands scrapping in the River Taw. Axmouth harbour has a hundred yachts and numerous fishing vessels in its small and difficult harbour with access only available for about two hours a tide for average yachts. The organisation of the harbour with its marina and quays is a credit to the Yacht Club.

Minor flooding occured at East the Water Wharves and some water on Bideford quay from the drains as the high tide made prediction. Excessive rainwater does not normally affect the height of high tide as it did not on this occasion.RigQuayFloodOct12
Thom Flaxman's photo of mv RIG and the quay river water.