Norman's photo of Porhov from East the Water loded ready to sail Nov 13th 2012

mv PORHOV has sailed from Bideford with over 2100 tonnes of logs for WISMAR Master says 5 days via KIEL CANAL.

She is an excellent ship in good condition with 400 tonnes on deck her stability was excellent. She was well run and very good for her 33 years.

From the Pilot's point of view the bridge windows were clean (a vital safety factor), she steered very well taking no more than 10 degrees of helm even at slow speed, her draught was just 4m aft and 3.65m ford - allowing her to sail over an hour before high water on this large Spring tide.

Photo shows her loaded and with deck cargo carefully lashed, with wires, chains and bottle screws.

Next Euroforest ship is due for around the 26th of the month - likely to be the  Baltiyskiy 200 series type.

Porhov with crew lashing deck cargo TDC sweeper cleaning quay Nov 12